Creating awareness about your product to the people that need it and standing out from your competitors is our passion.

But thats only part of what we do.

You could have the best product at the best price, but if people cant see your advert, then you may as well go into a empty field in the middle of the country and shout about what you do. 


Why are we so different?

The most important aspect of our business is to make sure as many people as possible will not just choose to pick up the magazine, but just as importantly will read it.

This is why we spend lots of time researching interesting features that we know capture the interest of everyone interested in property. Our informative articles not only serve as great information to readers, but also help to promote the magazine as they tell friends and family about some of the stories we cover.


How do we make sure the magazines are seen?

By placing the magazines in the largest footfall areas like supermarkets, we know that such a high percentage of the population within our region will walk past and see the magazines. Due to the appeal of the magazines and the fact that we have to constantly keep topping up the supply just to keep up with demand, we know how popular the magazines have become. Every supermarket copy is independently counted and all our supermarket copies are collected. We have NO RETURNS.

What about social media?

Because people decide to pick up the magazine, they read it. It hasn’t been forced in front of them. Its similar to when a you tube video plays and the advert pops up. All you are looking at is the “skip ad” button rather than the advert, as you haven’t asked to see it, and can be a little annoying.

With websites so important to businesses, we have found that after seeing our advertisers, potential customers then go directly to their website. It has become one of the main factors to get customers directly to our advertisers websites. With many potential customers using google to type in the business name, they then go past the google adverts of competitors in the search results and scroll down directly to our advertiser.